My best friend, Kate, married Jay Skypeck.  Jay has a brother Chris.  This is Chris' family. :)  I love Chris, Amanda, and Emma very much.   Chris is hilarious and cool and smart, Amanda is all those things and super sweet.  Emma is a golden child.  She's really into photo shoots, apparently, because she did everything we told her to do with a smile.  I could eat that child I love her so much.
Thank you all.  Huge love. Always.
EmmaSML003.jpg EmmaSML005.jpg EmmaSML009.jpg EmmaSML016.jpg EmmaSML021.jpg EmmaSML026.jpg EmmaSML028.jpg EmmaSML030.jpg EmmaSML035.jpg EmmaSML043.jpg EmmaSML045.jpg

Chris Skypeck says:

Thanks Tara! The pictures are amazing. The photoshoot was a ton of fun too!

(07.15.13 @ 09:01 PM)