Welp, Emma arrived and we weren't ready at all!  Joe and Jenn just bought a killer new place and they swore they had two whole weeks to do things like..unpack a single box after they moved here from California.  Not so much.  Emma wanted to meet her parents.  Can't blame her since they're awesome. 
So, ya... Emma is here.  Joe and Jenn and Emma are unpacking boxes and Bailey is wondering who the really small and beautiful and perfect Chinese person is who just showed up out of nowhere.
Here's what I saw. 
Good luck, guys.  I love you so.
EmmaSML002.jpg EmmaSML013.jpg EmmaSML015 copy.jpg EmmaSML018.jpg EmmaSML026 copy.jpg EmmaSML022.jpg EmmaSML024.jpg EmmaSML025.jpg EmmaSML027.jpg EmmaSML032.jpg EmmaSML046.jpg EmmaSML048.jpg

Frantascia Price says:

Awwwwwww, I love stuff like this (shhhhh, don't tell nobody I'm kinda sappy!) ~Fran

(07.25.13 @ 11:01 AM)
Sara & Dustin says:

Yay! Congratulations, Joe & Jen! She's adorable! :) Oh, and P.S. Your house is gorgeous!

(08.06.13 @ 10:42 PM)