When I grow up I want to be as funny and smart as Paula.  In the meantime I'll have to settle for just photographing her while she goes through life's milestones, wedding, baby and all. 
This time she brought along her daughter who, no surprise, is as beautiful and smiley and funny and fun as her parents.  We had a perfect evening and a beautiful sunset and we played on the beach.  I took pictures.
Thank you, I love you. 
DonnellySML006.jpg DonnellySML010.jpg DonnellySML013.jpg DonnellySML015.jpg DonnellySML016.jpg DonnellySML017.jpg DonnellySML018.jpg DonnellySML019.jpg DonnellySML021.jpg DonnellySML033.jpg DonnellySML036.jpg DonnellySML050.jpg

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