Yo!  Baby Theo is here.  I know, he's early.  Like really early.  He was excited, what can he say? He knew he was going to be super smart, successful, and handsome so he was all, 'let's just get started!'.  So now, three months later, he's doing well, growin, laughin, and lovin his mom and dad.  
Congratulations to Kat, Alex, and Theo.  For their new family and for all the excitement ahead.  Best of luck and love to all three of you.
SMLTheo001.jpg SMLTheo007.jpg SMLTheo010.jpg SMLTheo011.jpg SMLTheo013.jpg SMLTheo018.jpg SMLTheo019.jpg SMLTheo021.jpg SMLTheo024.jpg SMLTheo025.jpg SMLTheo027.jpg SMLTheo037.jpg