I grew up with Mike...the guy who is now the patriarch of this insanely adorable family.  He is, and always has been, one of my favorite guys of all time.  He's funny and smart and fun and cool, and we always find ourselves in tears laughing when we're together.  He married his college sweetheart, Kristen, and they have three of the cutest, nicest, yummiest boys of all time.  It was pouring rain the day our shoot was scheduled and it didn't phase this ultra cool crew whatsoever. We jumped in puddles, got soaked, and the boys took off their shirts.  Standard photo shoot material. 
Thank you very much.  Enjoy.
SMLholte005.jpg SMLholte008.jpg SMLholte011.jpg SMLholte016.jpg SMLholte019.jpg SMLholte021.jpg SMLholte032.jpg SMLholte034.jpg SMLholte041.jpg SMLholte043.jpg SMLholte046.jpg SMLholte047.jpg
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