Ring, ring, is San Francisco in November there?  Oh, it is? Oh, ok cool because it's AMAAAAZING there then!  SF in July? Stab me.  SF in November? Hold me.  So, Parsons and her family and I met on Stinson Beach in Marin County, just north of San Francisco.  I'd say that if you've ever been to SF you've probably ventured over the Golden Gate Bridge and gone to Stinson Beach or/and Mt. Tam.   If you haven't, ask for a plane ticket for Christmas and do yourself a favor.    Ya, so anyway... this is the nicest family on the planet.  Extremely kind and sweet and cool kids, a ridiculously cool, low key set of parents...aaaaand really low tide and bird chasing.  Can you imagine how out of my mind psyched I was?  Dude?  Been to Boston in November?  And there I was chasing birds on an 80 degree day on Stinson Beach with kids who literally said to me, 'Tara, can I admit something to you? I was not looking forward to this at all, but you have made it so much fun."  I toss that one around in my head when I'm feeling down.  I love nice kids.  Nice parents make nice kids. :)
Thank you guys.  YOU made it fun, I just took pictures.  Huge love. I'll see you next year.  :)
ParsonsSML002.jpg ParsonsSML006.jpg ParsonsSML008.jpg ParsonsSML012.jpg ParsonsSML014.jpg ParsonsSML016.jpg ParsonsSML033.jpg ParsonsSML035.jpg