Some days I drive away from a shoot and I'm truly overwhelmed with gratitude. This was one of those shoots.  This absolutely gorgeous family is so full of personality and hilarious sweetness I could have stayed all day (week).  As I drove away, Georgia chased my rental car with three sticky notes. One said "I love Tara soo.." The other one said "oooooooooooooooo" and the last one said "ooooo much!".
I will keep those notes forever and smile every time I stumble across them.  Sortof like a great photograph in a shoebox. 
Ain't life sweet?
Thank you, Sarah.  Huge love to you and your family. You're the best.
SarahBallardSML001.jpg SarahBallardSML004.jpg SarahBallardSML005.jpg SarahBallardSML006.jpg SarahBallardSML009.jpg SarahBallardSML016.jpg SarahBallardSML017.jpg SarahBallardSML023.jpg SarahBallardSML025.jpg SarahBallardSML028.jpg SarahBallardSML040.jpg SarahBallardSML048.jpg