Yay!  I'm back in the San Francisco area so I can see the cutest family!!  And they've grown! Welcome to earth, Will! Will brings lots of boyish cuteness and coordination to the Kroeker family and he gives Heidi and Andrew the cutest little brother ever.  I was at their home three years ago so you can see how they've grown HERE
Thank you so much Chi and Karl and your smalls.  It was so great to see you all. LOVE!
SMLKroeker13002.jpg SMLKroeker13004.jpg SMLKroeker13012.jpg SMLKroeker13015.jpg SMLKroeker13016.jpg SMLKroeker13018.jpg SMLKroeker13023.jpg SMLKroeker13028.jpg SMLKroeker13037.jpg SMLKroeker13044.jpg SMLKroeker13056.jpg SMLKroeker13062.jpg
SMLKroeker13071.jpg SMLKroeker13075.jpg SMLKroeker13079.jpg