woot woot, there's a new person in the world!  And a little love snuggle love bug at that.  Leop came into the world in early November and his mom and pop could not be more in love.  They live in Duxbury, but really they've been rocketed to the moon with their love.  AIn't love grand? Life is good.  I'm so happy for this new, adorable, gorgeous, blue eyed beauty family. 
Good luck, guys.  Love. Thank you. xoxo
LeoPortesiSML001.jpg LeoPortesiSML002.jpg LeoPortesiSML005.jpg LeoPortesiSML019.jpg LeoPortesiSML020.jpg LeoPortesiSML026.jpg LeoPortesiSML032.jpg LeoPortesiSML039.jpg LeoPortesiSML041.jpg LeoPortesiSML051.jpg LeoPortesiSML053.jpg