Love me a family who totally gets it on the photography front.  It was rainy and cold when I showed up to the Pape home and instead of canceling, they thought of tree decorating and pancake making siting the fact that they much preferred candid photographs rather than posed ones in the rain. It was like they were flirting with me, honestly. ;)  And that's just what we did... tree decorating, pancake flippin, chicken feedin' Sunday morning love.   Ain't Life Sweet.
Thank you, love, enjoy.
VeraMaggieSML002.jpg VeraMaggieSML003.jpg VeraMaggieSML007.jpg VeraMaggieSML011.jpg VeraMaggieSML019.jpg VeraMaggieSML025.jpg VeraMaggieSML033.jpg VeraMaggieSML034.jpg VeraMaggieSML036.jpg VeraMaggieSML038.jpg VeraMaggieSML043.jpg VeraMaggieSML047.jpg
VeraMaggieSML054.jpg VeraMaggieSML058.jpg VeraMaggieSML065.jpg