Six years in a ROW I've been with this incredibly special, giggly, light, playful, hilarious, beautiful family.  Every year, the weekend before Thanksgiving, I head out to Osh Kosh, Wisconsin to visit my oldest and best friend, Kristen.  It's really no coincidence that Kristen is the matriarch of truly one of the best families I know.  She is endlessly and reliably kind and gentle, soft and thoughtful, funny and goofy, understanding and playful.  Her children truly adore her and her home is absolutely bursting with a childish lightness and everyone loves being there. She married, simply, the best guy ever.  Mark is also hilarious and goofy, kind and thoughtful, but also an incredible provider, a steady rock, a gentle soul.  I couldn't have imagined a better guy for my girl. 
Their children are Drew, Beau, and Maeve.  If you have a second, I'd love for you to see my first shoot with them just so you can see how they've grown.  Our first year is HERE. You'll absolutely fall in love with all three of them for one reason or another.  I hope watching them grow up in photos will make you smile.  I hope you either have or will have a family so incredibly special as this one.  I'm certain you will if that's what you want.
Thank you, Kris.  36 years and counting?  Well, aren't we somethin' else. ;) I love you.  A huge thank you to both you and Mark for treating me like family.  It means the world. love.
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