Woop woop, Seattle in the house!   Steph was visiting her wonderful parents for the holidays and got in touch for a lil photo shoot.    Our mutual friends are Lauren and Stan, my dear friends and ex roommies from Seattle.  Any friend of those fools is a friend of mine, no doubt.  Steph wrote, and I was there in a jiffy. :)  This is what I saw.
Thank you. Enjoy. Love.
SMLSteph001.jpg SMLSteph016.jpg SMLSteph027.jpg SMLSteph028.jpg SMLSteph029.jpg SMLSteph036.jpg SMLSteph040.jpg SMLSteph045.jpg SMLSteph047.jpg

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Lauren Z says:

These are just awesome. Steph, that shot of your whole fam is so touching.

(01.23.14 @ 12:57 PM)