Oh, look at the cute little Irish Italian Bostonon kid.  Wicked cute.  Hudson is so adorable and his parents, my friend Niki and her wonderful fiancee John, are madly in love (with him an each other).  I spent some time with them in Hudson's first week of life, and Niki and John are naturals at this.  Their home is full of love and everyone is ready for this journey; their hearts have exploded in love.  I love that. :)
SMLhudson003.jpg SMLhudson008.jpg SMLhudson009.jpg SMLhudson011.jpg SMLhudson013.jpg SMLhudson024.jpg SMLhudson025.jpg SMLhudson035.jpg SMLhudson038.jpg SMLhudson045.jpg SMLhudson047.jpg SMLhudson060.jpg SMLhudson063.jpg SMLhudson070.jpg SMLhudson077.jpg

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