Woop Woop.  I was LUCKY enough to meet Susa Talan at the Squam Art Workshops weekend up in Holderness, NH in September.   She taught a super sweet workshop called 'This Precious Life' and all her students *loved* it.  Needless to say I was beyond honored when she asked me to come out to her home in Amherst and photograph her.   Susa's personal story is truly inspiring:  on the eve of her 39th birthday she started drawing.  She committed to making one drawing a day for 365 days.  At the end of the year, now with a facebook page and a huge pile of adorable and inspiring drawings, Susa wondered what was next.  Soon she found someone who fell in love with her work and wanted to make greeting cards and a calendar...then a book.  Fast forward just a couple of years, Susa is an author and a successful and prolific illustrator.  I am so inspired and proud of her, and I wouldn't wish success on a sweeter, more humble soul.  Susa is a gem and it is an honor to work with her.  Here she is.  Thank you. Love!
susablog001.jpg susablog002.jpg susablog003.jpg susablog004.jpg susablog005.jpg susablog006.jpg susablog007.jpg susablog008.jpg susablog009.jpg susablog010.jpg susablog011.jpg