I was lucky enough to meet Lauren and Chris at their friend's wedding when I snapped a photo of Chris hopping into the air like a frog on the dance floor.   The rest is history.  We photographed their engagement shoot, then their wedding.  As their family grew they have asked me to photograph them time and time again, and it has been a real honor.   Because they're hilarious, the shoot usually turns into a photo shoot mixed with uproarious laughter and a great friendship.  I love them very much.  They have two gorgeous sons, Luke and Sam.  I love them, too.  They got Lauren's eyes, though, so I won't be the last chick who loves 'em. :)  We went to the beach in August at sunset.  Rockin. Thank you. Love. addesablog001.jpg addesablog002.jpg
addesablog003.jpg addesablog004.jpg addesablog005.jpg addesablog006.jpg addesablog007.jpg addesablog008.jpg addesablog009.jpg addesablog010.jpg addesablog011.jpg