Yay! Cute family!!!  I met my friend, Jen, recently at the life changing Squam Art Retreat in Holderness, NH.  It was friend love at first sight and we're already thick as thieves.  Needless to say I fell all over myself when she asked me to photograph her and her family in Providence.   This is what I saw.  I LOVE YOU GUYS!!!  THANK YOU!!!
blogjen001.jpg blogjen002.jpg blogjen003.jpg blogjen004.jpg blogjen005.jpg blogjen006.jpg blogjen007.jpg blogjen008.jpg blogjen009.jpg blogjen010.jpg blogjen011.jpg blogjen012.jpg
blogjen013.jpg blogjen014.jpg blogjen015.jpg blogjen016.jpg blogjen017.jpg blogjen018.jpg blogjen019.jpg blogjen020.jpg blogjen021.jpg blogjen022.jpg blogjen023.jpg

Jennifer says:

Tara, these are BEAUTIFUL! We loved loved loved our shoot with you! You put my three anxious children right at ease and captured their essence in a way that is truly magical. What a gift you have given us. THANK YOU!! xoxo- Jenn, Dave, Eliza, Marlon and Cora

(11.10.14 @ 03:04 PM)