Yay!  I was so stoked to arrive at Daphne's house to see that she had teenagers!  I so rarely get to photograph folks this age, and I ALWAYS want to!  It's such a great age with so many changes and I just love being able to chill and get to know these babes.   This house full of powerful, smart, beautiful, kind, creative, cool chicks was a pleasure to be in.  We ended up on their roof deck and I left feeling like my feet weren't even on the ground.  My heart was full.  Here's what I saw.
daphneblog001.jpg daphneblog002.jpg daphneblog003.jpg daphneblog004.jpg daphneblog005.jpg daphneblog006.jpg daphneblog007.jpg daphneblog008.jpg daphneblog009.jpg daphneblog010.jpg