One of my favorite beautiful phenomenons of life is that it (life) just keeps getting better..for everyone.. always.  The best is yet to come ALWAYS!  Life is so rad.
Katie and her sons, Garrett and Griffin,  went through a super hard time a few years ago, and I bet there were times she wondered how she'd get through.  Fast forward just a few years, she and her new wonderful man have a brand spankin new son, Michael, and they're scheduled to be married in a year.  Life could NOT be better for these guys, and I couldn't be happier for them.  The best is yet to come, everyone.  For all of us!
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rachel says:

I came here from Cara's page. Ahhh! A giant schauzer! So rare in these parts - we have one too!

Fantastic work. :)

(01.30.15 @ 02:31 PM)