What an honor it was to be asked by Cara Soulia to photograph her family!  Cara is a gorgeous family photographer in Needham with just about the nicest family in the history of families. All four of them, soon to be five, are so kind and gentle and helpful and understated and fun.  It's one of those shoots I walk away from feeling totally full and happy, honored to be asked to document such good people.    Aaanyway.. let's look at some photos.  I love these guys.
blogcara001.jpg blogcara002.jpg blogcara003.jpg blogcara004.jpg blogcara005.jpg blogcara006.jpg blogcara007.jpg blogcara008.jpg blogcara009.jpg blogcara010.jpg blogcara011.jpg blogcara012.jpg blogcara013.jpg blogcara014.jpg blogcara015.jpg blogcara016.jpg blogcara017.jpg blogcara018.jpg blogcara020.jpg blogcara021.jpg blogcara022.jpg