YAY!  Carly is pregnant with the LOVE OF HER LIFE'S baby!!!   I've known Carly for five years now and never have I met a woman more in love with her man than she is with James.   For real.  We missed their wedding as we were previously booked so I was STOKED when she asked me to photograph their maternity shoot!  Carly is GLOWING like the goddess she is, and Baby Joe is already madly loved!!  James is a gem and deserves every ounce of love he receives (and gives) to Carly.  I'm SO INSANELY happy for this couple!  Love love love LOVE to you guys!  I'm so happy!!!  YAAAY!! 
CarlyExpectingSML001.jpg CarlyExpectingSML002.jpg CarlyExpectingSML003.jpg CarlyExpectingSML004.jpg CarlyExpectingSML005.jpg CarlyExpectingSML006.jpg CarlyExpectingSML007.jpg CarlyExpectingSML008.jpg