Elizabeth and Matt are one of my all time favorite couples from Hitched Studios.  So, when they asked me to travel to the Big Apple to photograph them with their gorgeous new daughter, Madeline, I was on the next train.   There they were, my clients turned friends, doing so well working their way through this absolutely unknown territory of new parents!  HOLY SHIT!!  That's what I always think when I leave a first baby newborn shoot.  Like, where is the owners manual on this thing?  Not like you'd have time to read it, but it would be nice as a reference, ya know?  Ya, Madeline is like BEYOND gorgeous.. obviously, and Elizabeth and Matt are doing a really awesome job as brand new parents.  It was a beautiful way to spend a day, and I love this family so very much.  Thank you guys SO MUCH for allowing me to photograph your one beautiful and precious life.  It means so so so much to me that you trust me like this.  I love you guys. Thank you. GOOD LUCK!!
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