YAY LIFE!! hahahahaa.  Count this one as A MAJOR VICTORY for humanity, grace, and love!  Fuck ya.   So, just in case you don't want to go back and read an old blog post, I'm going to post a few photos of Joanna and Isaac from 13 months ago.  That little nugget was three months early (rude), and gave his parents and everyone who loved him quite a scare.  Well, fear not because Isaac is currently weighing in at 'wicked chubby' and his health-o-meter reads 'not even allergic to nuts I'm so healthy'.   Isaac is such a fan of being photographed (apples and trees, joanna) and is sooooo insanely cute and loves his pops and his pup and his mama SO much.  Aww man, it was so good to see my friends with their healthy baby.  I'm so happy I can't even stand it.   I straight LOL'd (i've never written that in my life) this whole edit.  I think I'm in love.
Thank you guys SO MUCH for letting me photograph your entire lives.  Can you imagine the honor!?  holy shit.  I love you.
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