awwww yeeeeaaa.... love me a house full o' boys, I do!  I am the lucky girl who gets to work with James as he is a wedding coordinator for the catering company that does weddings at The Boston Public Library.  We've built a great friendship over the years, and when he asked me to photograph him, his husband, and their son, Harry, I was STOKED!!  I spent a couple hours with this crew on a Sunday morning, and I loved every. second.   Can we talk about Harry's bedroom, please?  It's a Peter Pan inspired room, and I almost actually bit my fist off when I saw it.  It's perfect.  Obviously.  James made it, afterall.   Harry and his buddy had a cool little morning, and then we ventured out into the south end.  Their dogs are cute, they're gorgeous and loving and fun and chill, and Harry is the luckiest kid in the world.  I sure do love seeing all the ways a family is made, and how much beauty true love can make.  James and Kevin, it was such an honor to come into your home and photograph your lives.  Thank you so much for trusting me to do so. I love you guys.  Thank you.
HarryJamesKevinSML005.jpg HarryJamesKevinSML006.jpg HarryJamesKevinSML007.jpg HarryJamesKevinSML008.jpg HarryJamesKevinSML009.jpg HarryJamesKevinSML010.jpg HarryJamesKevinSML011.jpg HarryJamesKevinSML012.jpg HarryJamesKevinSML013.jpg HarryJamesKevinSML014.jpg HarryJamesKevinSML015.jpg HarryJamesKevinSML016.jpg
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