Yay!  I was the VERY lucky kid who was asked to photograph this family during Boston's horrible winter!  I love Sarah very much... I have been photographing her group of friends and their beautiful lives for years now, and I love them all like sisters.  Georgia is so cute she's at the 'looks like a doll' status.  Which is really no surprise since Sarah and Ryan made her.  This is a super sweet, totally real, absolutely gorgeous family, and I loved this shoot.  Cuteness alert.  Thank you guys SO MUCH for asking me to come over and document you guys.  It means so much, and I'm really grateful.  THANK YOU!
georgiaSML001.jpg georgiaSML002.jpg georgiaSML003.jpg georgiaSML004.jpg georgiaSML005.jpg georgiaSML006.jpg georgiaSML007.jpg georgiaSML008.jpg georgiaSML009.jpg georgiaSML010.jpg georgiaSML011.jpg georgiaSML012.jpg
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