Families come in ALL shapes and sizes, and anyone who has ever loved a pet knows this one for sure.   Marty is the coolest cat on the planet, and she's a great friend and companion to Randi.  If you've ever met a cool cat, you know they're VERY cool.  As in: the have perfected not giving a single fuck about anything.  It's really a wonderful creature and reminder to have in life, and Randi considers herself very lucky to have Marty in her life.   Here they are, chillin and bein' friends.  I loved this shoot.  I love this crew.  Thank you, Randi, for inviting me into your home to photograph you guys.  Serious love here.  Thank you.
MartyRandySML001.jpg MartyRandySML002.jpg MartyRandySML003.jpg MartyRandySML004.jpg MartyRandySML005.jpg MartyRandySML006.jpg MartyRandySML007.jpg MartyRandySML008.jpg MartyRandySML009.jpg MartyRandySML010.jpg MartyRandySML011.jpg MartyRandySML012.jpg
MartyRandySML013.jpg MartyRandySML014.jpg MartyRandySML015.jpg MartyRandySML016.jpg