Woop woop woop!  Family crush alert BIG TIME!  Christian and I met when we were like 5 years old or something. I don't remember.  Which is to say, I don't even remember life before I was friends with Christian Enwright.  We've always tried to make each other laugh or shared a side comment or just shared a good giggle.  He won the absolute life lottery when he met Meghan in college, and I tell him that literally every single time I see the kid.  And he already knows so I'm sure that's real annoying.  Meghan is an actual human gem: shiny, beautiful, rare, unique, and absolutely lovely and wonderful.  To know her is to love her. period.  Their kids are AWESOME and I love them more every time I see 'em.  We ran around Fieldston Beach in Marshfield right before a major storm.  The light was gorgeous and the beach was empty, and we had SUCH a great time.  I smiled all the way home in my car.  They filled my heart right up.  Thank you guys SO MUCH for trusting me to document your family!  You cannot image the honor it is for me.  I take it to heart and I'm so deeply grateful.  Thank you.   I love you all. I'll see you soon... fancy style. ;)  love.
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