Woop Woop.  Some families got it all, ya know?  The Otts are one of those families.  Gorgeous, smart, successful, kind, and loving.  As far as I can tell, they learned it all from the Morris family. ;).   Baby Alexander was only 9 days old during our shoot, and Sophia was a great big sister.  Mom and Dad just glow.   A photographer's dream, me thinks.  Thank you guys SO MUCH for having me come over.  It really means the world to me.
OttSML001.jpg OttSML002.jpg OttSML003.jpg OttSML004.jpg OttSML005.jpg OttSML006.jpg OttSML007.jpg OttSML008.jpg OttSML009.jpg OttSML010.jpg OttSML011.jpg OttSML012.jpg
OttSML013.jpg OttSML014.jpg OttSML015.jpg OttSML016.jpg OttSML017.jpg OttSML018.jpg