So, if you've followed my blog for a bit (ummm..THANK YOU!!!!) you may remember little Anna from some years ago.  Even if not, check her out from about five years ago HERE.  And since that shoot there has been ANOTHER doll-level cute baby girl.  This family is TO DIE FOR!!  Truly as sweet as they are cute.  It's like soul food to chase them around and make them giggle.  Gah.  It's so super sweet.  I love them.  THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!!
zibelliSML001.jpg zibelliSML002.jpg zibelliSML003.jpg zibelliSML004.jpg zibelliSML005.jpg zibelliSML006.jpg zibelliSML007.jpg zibelliSML008.jpg zibelliSML009.jpg zibelliSML010.jpg zibelliSML011.jpg zibelliSML012.jpg zibelliSML013.jpg zibelliSML014.jpg zibelliSML015.jpg zibelliSML016.jpg