Kristin and Jamie made Baby Wynne, and honestly?  We're all lucky for that.  Kristin and Jamie are THE COOLEST, most fun, nicest, most welcoming, absolutely lovely in every. single. way. couple, and Wynne is the luckiest baby in the land.  Wynne was about a week old during this shoot, and I just stepped back and watched my friends who were brand new parents figuring it out, do their thing.  It was a total honor.    I love you guys SO MUCH!!  Thank you so much for letting me come over.  Love!
WillowSML001.jpg WillowSML002.jpg WillowSML003.jpg WillowSML004.jpg WillowSML005.jpg WillowSML006.jpg WillowSML007.jpg WillowSML008.jpg WillowSML009.jpg WillowSML010.jpg WillowSML011.jpg WillowSML012.jpg