OK, so before we get into this, please go to this beautiful family's shoot five years previous, right HERE.  Five years, as we know, is a long time when you're a little kid. Us adults, however, don't age WHATSOEVER in five years.  Natalie answered the door to their Mill Valley, CA home and I literally burst into tears.  I fell in love with her as a two year old, and now there was this gorgeous 7 year old girl answering the door, and I truly got overwhelmed with...with love, with life, with time, with adoration.  All of it.   
Things are different than they were five years ago with the Dean clan, and life is moving on in a loving and safe and beautiful way.  The best is yet to come, after all, and we all have open arms for that reality. I was back at Muir Beach with these monkeys after we played around their home for a bit.  It's hard to take a bad photograph of such beauty.  I'm the luckiest girl in the world.  
Amy, thank you deeply for your continued support and trust.  If I lived closer we'd be thick as thieves.  Until next time.  Thank you thank you thank you.
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