Every single time I walk out of a family shoot I am madly in love. I wonder how I get to be so lucky to be trusted with such love and beauty.  Danielle's family shoot in Mountain View, CA was no exception.  Danielle and I met at the absolutely amazing Squam Art Workshops last year when she took my class.  About four minutes into the class the whole crew was bawling our eyes out and holding each other.  Normal. hahaha.  But, hell!  We're bonded for life! She RANDOMLY wrote me out of the blue and said something like, 'I wish you lived in California. I'm looking to do family pictures." As luck would have it, I was booked on a flight to San Francisco the next morning to photograph families and had ONE last slot open.  So, four days later I walked in their home which is literally BURSTING with love and support and curiosity and BOYS! Their boys are home schooled and it's like every opportunity is this super cool learning moment.  So they build parachutes and learned about gravity, we climbed trees, went swimming, and climbed the walls.  Literally.   This is SUCH a great, low key, really curious and cute and outgoing, silly, happy, wicked smart family.  I hope I captured that.  Ya, just writing this I'm kinda choked up.  I love these guys.  If I lived closer I'd just go over so they'd talk to me.   Danielle, you're doing a really REALLY good job.  Huge love to all of you.  Thank you so much.
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