There's nothing I love more than photographing a great wedding, and then a couple years later getting a phone call that I have a family to photograph! Jessica and Dan's wedding was (somehow) five years ago, and if you're curious it's right here.  I walked into their super sweet place in Cambridge, took one look at their son, Harrison, and almost passed out.  I think I said the phrase, 'so cute...' like 500 times.  It was a perfect morning with my friends, Jessica, Dan, and Harrison, and I left absolutely floating.  I felt super lucky to be families' documentarian in their one precious life, and I felt super super happy for Jessica and Dan.  I wouldn't wish a great life full of love on a better duo.   Love you guys so much.  Thank you thank you thank you.
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Jacqui Phipps says:

Great pictures! You took Harrison from grumpy to flying high with happiness. That's just the we see him when he comes to visit.

(09.04.15 @ 01:13 PM)
Nancy Murphy says:

Such a beautiful family to be so creative with!!! xoxo

(09.05.15 @ 11:59 AM)