Welp, you can bury your dreams of being the most fun, creative family of all time, because that award has been taken.  By the Angelis family of San Francisco.  The next 6 shoots are 6 of the 8 shoots I did over four days in San Francisco in July.  (gulp).   I met Jimmy and Birgess, like you meet all your rock star friends, on a golf cart in the hip little surfer town of Sayulita, Mexico.  How's that for the most pretentious sentence you've read on a family photography blog ever? No, no, don't be impressed. I'm sure I put the whole trip on a credit card, and it was to celebrate one of my best friends, Dod, for his birthday.  Jimmy owns the wicked successful Bacon Bacon food truck and restaurant in San Francisco, and Birgess, his wife, does event planning.  I mean, if people in San Francisco knew how to party, that is... 
Sloan and Vivian are their daughters, and I'm sure you can tell how absolutely fun and loose and silly and fun this family is.  We went to play dress up in their room and Jimmy walks in in a jump suit and was like, 'Heeeeyyyy, I wanna dress up!!".  And it was on.  We took a walk, we posed in the middle of the street, I couldn't even stand up I was laughing so hard.  This is a free spirited, absolutely loving family who knows how to let kids be full of kid-ness.  Life is meant to be enjoyed, and this family is gonna laugh and hug and smile and sing and play all the way through.   Hell ya, you guys.  This is the kindof shoot that as I was taking it, I knew I was the luckiest photographer in the WORLD.  I mean.. to be allowed in to this home?  What more could I ever ask for as a family photographer. 
I guess as I look again at these four on the first day of school in our country (September 1st) I would humbly encourage all of us to have more fun.  To be more silly, to take ourselves less seriously, to eat more ice cream, to sing louder, and play instruments whether we know how to or not.  It all goes by so quickly.  I know, as you walk back inside after the bus just pulled away, you feel the gravity of time.  So, have cookies ready for your kids when they come home.  Go to the movies on a school night.  Have pancakes for dinner.   All we need is love, you guys.  That's the only thing that matters. 
Aaaand I'm bawling at a coffee shop.  Literally. 
Thank you guys.  I love you very much.  I'm so so so honored to have been allowed to take these pictures. Thank you.
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Annie Beust says:

Jimmy and family!! This is the most heart warming, hilarious, accurate family portrait sesh I have seen in a long long time. They should make you laugh because this fockers make us laugh. Long Live the Bacon Bacon Brethren!!

(09.04.15 @ 02:03 PM)