If you're wondering how in the world I get to photograph so many great families in San Francisco it is because of my good friend, Erin.  Erin and I met when we were studying abroad in Australia in 1995.  And the rest is history.  She can talk anyone into anything (take it from me who spent my 20s getting into so much shit with this girl) and I believe she convinces all of her pretty mom friends to hire me.  Her husband, Matt, was working the whole time I was there, but Erin and her daughters, Emily and Ava, and I all snuck out for a little walk in the woods.  I wanted to make sure I featured my beautiful friend on the blog here because without her, not a single SF shoot would have happened.  Erin, like I tell you all the time, your loyalty and support of me is incredibly beautiful and humbling and I love you very much.  Thank you.
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