Nothing quite like getting to see reeeally great families every couple of years on different beaches in Northern California, ay?  As the saying goes. :)    
So, this time we went to Muir Beach while Danielle Radcliffe was filming his new movie about being shipwrecked with a dead man.  It's going to be called Swiss Army Man.  But MUCH more importantly, isn't Parsons and her family to die for gorgeous?  Their new pup included!   So if you'd like to see our shoot two years ago at Stinson Beach, go HERE   And let's get to this year.  Thank you to Parsons, Dan, Luca, and Kathleen.  Sure do love the pants right off ya! 
parsonsblog001.jpg parsonsblog002.jpg parsonsblog003.jpg parsonsblog004.jpg parsonsblog005.jpg parsonsblog006.jpg parsonsblog007.jpg parsonsblog008.jpg parsonsblog009.jpg parsonsblog010.jpg parsonsblog011.jpg