Yessss!!!   How fun is it to see a gorgeous, fun, generous family every other year and each time I visit there's (literally) another adoooorrrable child.  Answer: It's wicked fun. Please take five seconds and see their FIRST shoot and their SECOND shoot.  So, the Kroeker family has moved to Mill Valley.  Right next to a little baseball player ya might have heard of, Barry Bonds.  Because I'm an American woman I am in good company when I'm impressed by pure scandal and celebrity so I'm totally impressed with their new neighborhood. :) OK, so since I've been to visit, baby John has arrived.  John is the most adored, adorable, free spirit on planet California, and I'm in the fan club big time.  William is the third kid, and is soooo funny.  He literally will not smile normally at the camera.  Like refuses, but in this wicked funny, manipulative, quiet way.  He pretends, very quietly, that he's not quite sure HOW to smile.  It's so obvious and such a riot.   He's the cool, low key, funny guy in the crowd. (insert that emoji with hearts for eyes). Heidi is the most beautiful little girl in the world so I mean, no big.  SHe's suuuuper sweet and quiet and stylish and wicked loving.  Andrew is the oldest, and he's a gem. Very smart, very talented, very low key, a great big brother, and a great son.   Chi and Karl are the mom and dad, and I absolutely and whole heartedly adore these two.  They love their children and their community.  They're honest and real and open and SO INSANELY generous to me.  I end up staying for much longer than I planned because we get into these deep conversations about the meaning of life.  And yes, I run around this gorgeous home of theirs and then embrace them and jump up and down and scream, "I AM SO HAPPY FOR YOU!!!!!! LOOK AT YOUR LIFE!!!"  It's a great friendship, and I'm wicked WICKED lucky to be trusted by this family.  I love you guys.  Please adopt me. 
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