Have you ever been to the Boston Harbor Islands?  Ya, me neither.  Until last week. It's a really kinda cool way to spend an afternoon and I highly recommend it.  
I have been photographing this absolutely adorable family since Lily and Graham's first birthday. Which was adorable, by the way, and is right here.  
Gina is the kind of mom who was actually born for motherhood.  I'm sure she took care of all her friends through college, babysat all through high school, and probably had forty babies as a child. She is astonishingly tireless in her patience, her readiness to play games with her kids, and her low key but thorough "discpiline" to make her kids polite and nice and helpful to kids and adults alike.  Her children are wonderful and its' immediately obvious it's because of Gina and Trevor.  Trevor, by the way, is also utterly rad, but we talked and he's literally blown away at how good a mother Gina is, too, so I know he'd agree with everything I just wrote.  He's a helpful, patient, kind, fun, involved dad.  He tells me he learned it from his wife. 
Ya, so Gina is a photographer herself so really get's it.  She knew that going on this little adventure would provide endless sweet moments for me to capture.  So, basically she through me a softball.  I'm tellin ya, she's good. :)  So we caught the boat from Hingham harbor, stopped by Peddock's Island, and then headed to George's Island. It was a beautiful, fun little adventure and I love this family very, very much. 
Thank you so much you guys.  It means the world. 
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