I was lucky enough to photograph Jess and Ben's wedding in 2009.  Their wedding has been our sample album for many years so a lot of couples might feel like they know these two beauties.  Well, since then they have moved to Newton and had BEYOND GORGEOUS Mina!!  I am THE luckiest kid in the world to know these people and call them friends.  Thank you thank you THANK YOU SO MUCH! 
JessBenMina001.jpg JessBenMina002.jpg JessBenMina003.jpg JessBenMina004.jpg JessBenMina005.jpg JessBenMina006.jpg JessBenMina007.jpg JessBenMina008.jpg JessBenMina009.jpg JessBenMina010.jpg JessBenMina011.jpg JessBenMina012.jpg

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