Am I the only person who wants to adopt every other family I meet?  Especially when we start looking at generations of awesome.  On a Sunday morning in September I drove out to Western Mass to photograph the gorgeous Poletto family at grandma and grandpa's house.  This family is kind, welcoming, Italian (!!), fun, energetic, gorgeous, kind, and smart... and successful.  Aaaand I'll stop.   I wish they would adopt me.  Like, for real.   Thank you guys so much.  I love you all SO MUCH!! 
MegPoletoBLOG001.jpg MegPoletoBLOG002.jpg MegPoletoBLOG003.jpg MegPoletoBLOG004.jpg MegPoletoBLOG005.jpg MegPoletoBLOG006.jpg MegPoletoBLOG007.jpg MegPoletoBLOG008.jpg MegPoletoBLOG009.jpg MegPoletoBLOG010.jpg MegPoletoBLOG011.jpg MegPoletoBLOG012.jpg