Well, it's been a full year since the Lasky family won the award for Most Steps Ever Taken In Orlando (not actually true).  Last year I went to Disney World with my best friend, Kristen, and her absolutely awesome family , and this year we were back in their own little Disney which is their home in Osh Kosh, Wisconsin.  
Side note: I fostered four puppies and their mama over the winter and Kristen adopted one of the puppies (the sweetest one) named Dixie. As you can imagine, this was like visiting the child I had given up for adoption so Dixie is highly featured in this year's edit. 
This is my 8th year visiting Kristen and her family, and if you haven't been following these photographs, you definitely should check out our first year right HERE. 
I'm not sure what happened over the past year, but Kristen's babies are all. grown. up.  Funny how that happens: how they age, but we don't. :) weird. 
Well, there's not much to say about Kristen Lasky and her wonderful life that I haven't said in all the past years.  She is more beautiful in her spirit than she is to look at...which is probably hard to believe if you don't know her, but trust me.  And she's enjoying a really wonderful marriage to maaaaaybe the best man ever, three healthy, hilarious, talented, smart, gorgeous children, beautiful, healthy, loving, dedicated parents, three bad ass brothers, and a shit ton of friends who would actually stab someone for her.   I gotta say, I wouldn't wish it on a better kid.  I've known her since I was three years old, I've called her my best friend every single day of all those years, and when I think of how well her life is turning out my enormous smile turns to tears of happiness.  What could be better.  
I love you, Kris.  Thank you for letting me photograph you guys even though you say no every year.  Can I have those new boots you just got when you die?  please. 
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