YAY!  I met Marney at Squam Art Workshops (if you haven't heard of it yet, do y'self a favor and click on that link and then sign up. It's THE BEST!!).  She told me all about her great kiddos, I told her I love to travel, and the rest is history.  I'm SO stoked I did this shoot... Marney is *incredibly* creative and talented, and her style and home are gorgeous.  Her whole vibe is this modern girl scout camp, outdoorsy, crafty, feminine but in a bad ass girl scout way. Her and her awesome husband and two girls live just outside Ann Arbor (which might be my new favorite town), and everything about her family is lovable and beautiful and fun.  
The day I got there I met them at their home, but the next day was our scheduled shoot and it was raining.  Marney was cool and generous enough to get me a hotel room so we did the whole shoot IN my hotel lobby and indoor pool area.  On a rainy Wednesday in November we had the place to ourselves and we had SUCH a great time! Yowza!  The girls felt like rock stars, I was sweating I was having so much fun, and Marney loved every second.  Man, that was fun! 
Thank you to the whole Wolf family!  I absolutely love you guys, and I can't wait to watch you grow up into the budding artists you are.  Marney, you're killin it, sis.  Thanks for bringing two great women into the world. Your creativity and love could fill the whole world.  Thank you so much for your trust in me.  Love. 
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