Man, am I lucky.   Josh and Lindsey are some of my very favorite people, never mind clients!  And photographing them as their beautiful life unfolds is some kind of honor!  Little Vivian, who is Josh but smaller and a girl, has been on planet earth for a full rotation.  How cool is that.  She's as hilarious and fun and upbeat and beautiful as her parents and we chased her all around their beautiful home and Thomas Park until it was time to nap again.  Being one is rad. 
Here she is as a newborn and in Lindsey's belly. 
I cannot wait to continue to watch this family just get better and better and more full of love.  Wouldn't wish this beautiful life on two truly cooler people.  I absolutely love them, they're the very best of the best.  Honestly.  Enjoy.  I love you guys.  Thank you so so so so much for your trust and your support.  love.
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