I'm not sure why I've chosen the following photographs as 'best'.  I don't know if they're the very best photographs or if I just absolutely love these people.  Maybe I cried when I watched their slide show or when I got in the car after the shoot.  I had an incredible year.  I was in California, Illinois, Michigan, and Wisconsin twice.  And of course, my Massachusetts family has continued to blow me away with your support and love.  Thank you, EVERYONE.  You're the very best families in the whole. wide. world.  
Enjoy. I hope to see new and familiar faces this year.  Please don't hesitate to reach out to me for a shoot.  You'll never, ever regret it.  
Thank you so much.  I love you so very much.  t.
best2016001.jpg best2016002.jpg best2016003.jpg best2016004.jpg best2016005.jpg best2016006.jpg best2016007.jpg best2016008.jpg best2016009.jpg best2016010.jpg best2016011.jpg best2016012.jpg best2016013.jpg best2016014.jpg
best2016015.jpg best2016016.jpg best2016017.jpg best2016018.jpg best2016019.jpg best2016020.jpg best2016021.jpg best2016022.jpg best2016023.jpg best2016024.jpg best2016025.jpg best2016026.jpg best2016027.jpg best2016028.jpg
best2016029.jpg best2016030.jpg best2016031.jpg best2016032.jpg best2016033.jpg best2016034.jpg best2016035.jpg best2016036.jpg best2016037.jpg best2016038.jpg best2016039.jpg best2016040.jpg best2016041.jpg best2016042.jpg
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