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So, if you know me you know that three of my greatest loves of life (outside of my friends, family, and my pups) is yoga, traveling, and photography.   For many years now, as I struggled and grew and loved and lost through my 30s, I had a dream of combining those three loves and turning it into a workshop.   

I told people, lots of people, that I was aiming to host ‘international yoga and photography workshops all over the world.’   I got all sorts of reactions, but mostly people sort of blew it off.  Musta sounded dumb or silly or that there just wasn’t that many folks interested in all three of those things to get it off the ground.   Ya know what I have to say to those people right now, don’tchya?  Yea ya do.  Starts with an F and ends with a you ifyaknowwhatImean. 
I ran an online photography workshop last year called The Love Offensive.  The aim was to teach folks how to use photography as a way to love and honor and celebrate the people in our lives.  How to spread love one good photo at a time.  Over 80 people took the workshop, and the photos that came out of it were AWESOME!  Everyone did such a killer job, really pushed themselves, and started to see photography as a gift.  Along with the beautiful and talented Rachael Rice, I’m running that workshop again next month, by the way, and I’d love you to join:  The Love Offensive. 
I took the concept of the workshop on the road, combined forces with my Spanish speaking, really smart, logistics goddess friend, Jenn Ciplet, and headed to Nicaragua.  
Ten killer people joined us, and it was INSAAAAAANELY AWESOME!!  If you took my wildest dream, fed it only chocolate and methamphetamines for the three years I dreamed it, and then pinched it on the ass you STILL couldn’t have come close to how awesome that week was!   One woman, Molly, during our final critique, said to me through tears, “I feel like I’m OD’ing on positive energy this entire week.”  I’ll give that a fuck ya.  
We started each day with a 90 minute yoga class.  The classes are freeing, flowing, and strong. Most folks were new to yoga, by the way.  After each class we felt open and grounded, free and fit.  We felt fucking awesome.  And with that, we headed out to our daily assignments. One day each student was invited into local, rural Nicaraguan families’ homes. Language barriers a plenty didn’t stop the love fest.  My students sat with the families in their homes, on their farms, on the dirt floors, and photographed their beauty.  The next day we delivered the photographs to the families.  Another day we did some street shooting in the busy city of Chinendega.  One morning we took surfing lessons, another day we rode horses on the beach.  The final two days were spent in our very own BandB in the cobblestoned and colorful streets of Granada, Nicaragua.  
We ended the love fest week with a tearful, grateful, beautiful final slide show of student’s work and a great dinner.  
The student’s work can be seen here:
I cannot recommend our Destination Love Offensive trips enough.  Honestly.  Many didn’t even know how to use their cameras!  
You’re perfect for the trips if you love life, people, being alive, adventure, travel, friends, yoga, or laughing. hahaha.  I’m SERIOUS! 🙂 
All the information you’ll need for our next trip is HERE
I SO hope you’ll join us!! 
Thank you thank you THANK YOU SO MUCH for making my WHOLE LIFE WORTH LIVING!!! 
i love you so so so damn much. seriously.

Yay, life!   I have been lucky enough to photograph Haley and Rich’s proposal, engagement shoot, wedding, professional head shots, and now their first baby!!   I absolutely love being able to document their lives like this, never mind to keep in touch, catch up, and see how it’s going.  And how it’s going these days is REAL good!  Madeline is a DREAM baby!  She’s sweet and beautiful and loves her mama!  I LOVE watching mamas and babies (and dad’s too!) fall so madly in love with each other!  Life is so rich.  Thank you so much!! Enjoy!! 


Really good feeling for a family photographer?  To go into a client’s home and see their entire lives photographed and framed around their home.  That would be a great feeling no matter what, but the fact that those are the photographs we made together is such a sweet feeling.  Shannon and Aldo make me feel like family when I’m at their house (or their vacation house or their family’s weddings, etc etc).  I have photographed this family now for 7 years and it’s truly an honor to be asked to be a part of their lives like this.  Thank you both so much!  I love you all!! 

PS: Eva and Logan were sick for their shoot so we did a part two.  I kinda like both so I’m adding both. C’est La Vie! 

I feel EXTREMELY lucky to have been asked to photograph Volante Farms in Needham’s cookbook.  This is a 100 year old farm owned by the Volante family every day of those 100 years.  The place is steeped in love and family and traditions and loyalty.  Union Park Press is publishing the cookbook, and this is our second cookbook we’ve done together.  Union Park is the best, Volante farms is such a kind group of talented people.  The shoot was SO much fun! Here are some of my favorite shots! Cookbook is out next year. Enjoy. THANK YOU!!! 


Hillary Deshler does it AGAIN!  After many successful years at her own salon, Inde, in Quincy, she now opened Lola Beauty Boutique in the Dorchester neighborhood of Boston.  Hillary and her team are beautiful and fun and kind and talented.  Please go visit and get your shit all tightened up pretty.  F’real.