I sure get to cross paths with some creative, beautiful, generous, wonderful people, and Aimee, Dave and their kiddos are no exception!  They bought this gorgeous, historical, enormous home in Attleboro, and their slowly but surely renovating it to some serious gorgeousness.  Meanwhile they're building a family full of beautiful girls, and Dave is security for rock stars around the world.  Like ya do.  There's a photo in this edit of Willa holding a photograph of her and Ozzy Osbourne. Also..like ya do.  This is a great family, and I was, and am, honored to photograph them.  Enjoy! THANK YOU!! 
willa001.jpg willa002.jpg willa003.jpg willa004.jpg willa005.jpg willa006.jpg willa007.jpg willa008.jpg willa009.jpg willa010.jpg willa011.jpg willa012.jpg willa013.jpg willa014.jpg
willa015.jpg willa016.jpg willa017.jpg willa018.jpg

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