If you've followed me for a bit you know that I love my job more than I could have ever imagined. And I love when people love photography and see it's incredible value, it's time capsule nature, and how when it's all said and done a photograph will be indistinguishable from the truth of our lives.  We photographed Cory and George's wedding four years ago, and it was *truly* awesome to see them again and to meet Tyler, their son.  Their beautiful, ultra sweet little boy.  I spent some time with them capturing what love in a family looks like.  I love this family so very much, and it's an honor to be trusted to document them and their lives. Their love.
CoryGeorgeTyler001.jpg CoryGeorgeTyler002.jpg CoryGeorgeTyler003.jpg CoryGeorgeTyler004.jpg CoryGeorgeTyler005.jpg CoryGeorgeTyler006.jpg CoryGeorgeTyler007.jpg CoryGeorgeTyler008.jpg CoryGeorgeTyler009.jpg CoryGeorgeTyler010.jpg CoryGeorgeTyler011.jpg CoryGeorgeTyler012.jpg