Are you ready to cheer for a one year old?  Delaney is *actually* the cutest, sweetest little thing ever!  Nicole, Delaney's mom, waited for me to arrive to put her in her tutu (kill me with cuteness) and set up the birthday cake station.  Delaney loves cake!  Me, too!  I hope you thoroughly enjoy this absolutely ADORABLE little girl!  I cheered the whole shoot...and the whole edit.  And I'm cheering right now. Go Delaney!
smalldelaney001.jpg smalldelaney002.jpg smalldelaney003.jpg smalldelaney004.jpg smalldelaney005.jpg smalldelaney006.jpg smalldelaney007.jpg smalldelaney008.jpg smalldelaney009.jpg smalldelaney010.jpg smalldelaney011.jpg smalldelaney012.jpg
smalldelaney013.jpg smalldelaney014.jpg smalldelaney015.jpg smalldelaney016.jpg