Whoop Whoop!  First off, how cute are the names Kennedy and Sullivan!?  And to add to the love of this family, the dad, Allin, is my boyfriend's twin brother.  Also whoop whoop! 
Lorraine and Allin love their kids so much it just makes me feel so happy for all four of them every time I spend time with these guys.  Their favorite vacations are in a tent in the woods, their favorite place to be is together, and I see the pure life giving joy being part of a family gives to Lorraine and Allin.  Kennedy is such a beauty I'm almost scared for them, and Sully's little perm a smile is gonna charm the way his dad did, no doubt!   I'm so super happy to call these guys friends of mine, and I love that our paths have crossed.  Thank you both for letting me photograph you and show you what you look like when you're surrounded by love!
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