Aww man, I love life.  Ben and I photographed Pam and Chris' insaaanely rad wedding in 2011(and more importantly we were *invited* to their bachelor/bachelorette party weekend in Stow!!) and we've all kept in touch since.  Sometimes it just works that way; we meet our friends at work. :)  Well, just as soon as they were hitched they moved West... as ya should.  They now call the mountains of Colorado home (bites fist in envy) and a year-ish ago they brought little Dylan into the world.  Dylan is.... adorable. And pretty rock and roll, if I can say that about an infant, and Pam and Chris are madly, head over heels in love with their son.  The bad ass family was home visiting Pam's parents on the beach in Swampscott so I went over for a beer, some gummy bears, and a photo shoot.  Thanks, Colorado! ;)
Pam and Chris, your friendship means so much to me, and seeing your beautiful family grow, and your lives just get more beautiful is a real honor.  Thank you for taking me along. LOVE!
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