And then there were four!  One of my all time favorite couples has built an absolutely adorable family!  Max is too young to know for sure (but I am sure), but Lila is JUST like her parents:  smart, hilarious, independent, kind, and fun.  And I have to comment on the incredible loyalty and support Chris and Paula show to me.  I have photographed them so much over the years since their wedding (2009, I believe!) and I madly enjoy calling both of these people friends of mine.  Paula and I text each other and I'm pretty sure they're always the smartest, funniest pieces of writing I read all day.  And I think she's my favorite person to follow on Facebook.  Anyway... we also have truly the very best photography karma.  Every single time we have a shoot it's the nicest day of the year.   So, here we are:  The best family of four since yours.  :) Enjoy this beautiful family and feel good that they're all really nice, really smart, and really funny.  My friends are the best. :)
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